The company is able to design, together with the customer, the collections in the following phases:

 – Materials research and development;

 – Continuous research for proposals of washes and treatments;

 – Presentation of models based on garment fit;

 – Realization of patterns, prototypes and samples;

 – Industrialization of the product;

 – Realization of production made in Italy from selected Italian factories that we have worked with for years;

 – Collaborations, as regards the production, with foreign suppliers, under the constant supervision of our technicians;

 – Partnership and consulting for clients in the design, in contact with the style office of the same customers

 The expert contributors offer any technical advice specific request of the industry in which the company operates. This is because Vestinvoga does not work “for” the client, but “with” the client. The company goal is to create a solid link between the two entities, so that the support provided is consistent, decisive and lead to achieve the highest levels of productivity and earnings.

 The real satisfaction of the qualified Team Vestinvoga is customer success.